Maureen Staloch, Owner

Maureen Staloch opened RedBird Boutique in September of 2013. Since that time, RedBird has become one of Austin’s best places to shop for unique upscale clothing.

Maureen grew up in Austin, and is proud to call it home for her family. She and her husband Ted, have two boys, Sawyer and Bo that keep them busy outside of the fashion world. Maureen’s extended family of seasoned entrepreneurs, also reside in Austin. In fact, the store’s name is rooted in her family’s symbolism.

Her father, Jerry Olson, was a great entrepreneur. He took huge chances with his career and in turn was rewarded with a full life. He always encouraged his daughters and his wife to believe they could be great businesswomen. After his death in 2002, the Olson family started seeing cardinals at random but poignant times. They believe it is “PoPo” showing them he is still with them and sending love from above. Naming the store RedBird is a tribute to him, but also a symbol for family, creativity, and the joy in pursuing your dreams.

Prior to retail, Maureen was the Co-Founder of the wholesale T-shirt and Jewelry Company, MoLi. Her experience with product design, marketing and distribution gave her a great insight to how the other side of the retail works. This experience strengthened her buying eye and made it possible to curate the beautiful product mix found at RedBird. She works hard to scout apparel and accessories that are not only well made, but tell a story, and help the woman wearing them stand out as exceptional.

There is one mantra that resonates for Maureen in her business life: “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” She loves what she does and can’t wait to share it with you.

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